What is the origin of the oils?

a. The fish oils come from wild caught fish

b. Derma-3® Large Breed Softgel: USA, Australia, Colombia

c. Derma-3® Small and Medium Breed Softgel: Peru, Canada, China

d. Derma-3® Twist Caps (all sizes): Peru

e. Derma-3® Liquid: Iceland

f. The source of the oils are anchovy, sardine and mackerel fish

Are the oils tested for contaminants, lead or heavy metals?

Yes, all fish oils are tested for dioxin, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium), bacterial counts and peroxide values.

Dermatologists may recommend a much higher dose than what is on the label - why?

Our products are designed to support a healthy, normal skin and coat function, which is what the dosage is based on. Dermatologists may recommend a higher dosage to help manage dermatology conditions.